International Management Systems Certification Audits

In today's competitive market it is important that any organisation can demonstrate that they have their management systems developed to the latest international standards.  ISQEM can help you on a worldwide basis and offer a true international capability to conduct third party independent certification audits in line with ISO standards in 2020

ISQEM can undertake the following independent audits and award ISQEM certification of compliance inline with the latest international management standards.

ISO 45001: 2018  Occupational Health and Safety Management - NEW

ISO 14001: 2015  Environment Management  - NEW

ISO 9001: 2015  Quality Management System - NEW

Behavioural Based Safety Surveys

Wellness Surveys

Leadership Capability and Effectiveness

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR)

Facilities Management - HSE Compliance

Integrated Management System Certification (Combination of ISO Management Systems)

Workers Compensation Audits

Workplace Safety Compliance Audit

Independent Site and Facilities Audits

ISQEM management certification is granted to organizations who can demonstrate they have documented management systems in place, in compliance with any of the above international standards.  This cost effective option allows any organisation to demonstrate their compliance at a realistic  and practicable method of certification to their clients and customers.

To arrange a ISQEM certification audit of your organisation please email your details to : 

Verification of ISQEM Certification

To check on the status of any ISQEM management system certification you should email, stating the organization name, certification number.  ISQEM will confirm back to you within 48 hours.

New ISO Standard 45001:2018   "Time to make the Change"

The new ISO standard  45001: 2018 has been issued worldwide, make sure you have your systems checked by a professsional association such as ISQEM

Do you need ISO Certification then UK health and safety training can hep you as an approved ISQEM centre.